Winter Treks in India


If you are thinking that it is not possible to trek in the winters after all it snows heavily on the mountain roads making it impossible for walking through then you are wrong. Many spots offer trekking zones in the winter. You do not need to sit around feeling down but to decide where to trek in the winter.

Winter is the most enjoyable season which offers the snow capped valleys, most recharging sunlight, the icy lakes,and trees covered by the snow. All these offer the heartwarming nature best in winter. It’s really a charming experience to hit your friend with a snowball,compete in ice skating, and enjoy the snow covered beautiful places

Five Best Winter Treks in India

Kedarkantha Trek

The eccentric trekking at the Garhwal ranges; the Kedarkantha trek is one of the most populated trekking spots for many trekkers. The blissfulness of the area will pull you down in wonder as you walk through the trails of the Kedarkantha trek. One of the interesting facts about trekking in Kedarkantha Trek is that you can trek when the stars are shining in the sky and that is from 2 a.m. to 3 a.m. and the sounds of crunching and cracking snow under your trekking boots. Delhi is the easiest route to Dehradun and once you are at Dehradun you are ready to execute your trekking in the winter season (it is open from July to early November). 

The easy-moderate trekking spot is not much of a hard journey but once you decide to trek in the higher altitudes then you might face some difficulty in breathing or other health issues. The locals of Sankri dress up in a unique traditional dress that draws in a huge number of visitors all over the country, yet the village is still underdeveloped. Take your camera while you are at the Taluka Village, Osla Village, Jakol Village, Saru Tal Trek, Mori, Bali Pass and Rupin Pass. The Govind Wildlife Sanctuary located at Uttarkashi is going to take you on a wild trekking safari through the forest. Once you are at the Kedarkantha Trek you can sense the divine presence of Lord Shiva in every single grain of soil particles.

Chadar Trek

The wholesome sanctity served to you by the Chadar Trek at Leh Ladakh will fascinate you at every point. Also known as the Frozen River Trek, due to the Zanskar river being covered in ice sheets, amazes a large number of trekkers every year during the Winters. The frozen Zanskar River and the frozen waterfalls will smite you by their respective affiliates. To trek over the Zanskar River, it is preferable to visit from December to February, the massive river is covered by thin ice but hard enough to walk upon. 

The moderate-hard trekking spot at Chadar Trek will be hazardous for people with health problems. The more you trek at the higher altitudes the oxygen level will begin deploying then. You can camp at Tilat Sumdo, visit the areas at Shingra Koma, the huge and deep caves of Tibba, the strange human faced rocks of Gyalpo, the scenic beauty of Dibyokma and the people of Ling will sure to ease your suffering by their gracious hospitality. The Chadar Lake Trek is one of the alluring treks in the winters.

Kuari Pass Trek

If you are looking to trek and camp together in winter amongst the lush green vegetation surrounding you then set out with your bags and baggage towards Kuari Pass Trek also known as the Curzon trail in Uttarakhand. You will be captivated by the second largest peak in India; The Nanda Devi peak alongside you will see the massive Dronagiri Mountain ranges, Chitrakantha and the Chaukhambha top from Kuari Pass. 

The gushing waters of the sacred Bhagirathi River and the mystical pure waters of the Alokananda river are flowing through the mountain region. You can visit here from April to November and experience the blooming flowers at the easy to moderate trekking routes in Kuari Pass. Your stress will be fanned away by the cool breeze of the mountains and the Oak, Deodar trees. The holy domain also has rare species of flora and fauna like the great Himalayan Bears, Leopards, Rhododendron Trees and many more. Your trekking journey in Kuari Pass will delight you for your lifetime.

Har ki Dun Trek

If you desire to trek through the pretty snow falls then you must keep Har ki Dun on your list. You must visit in April to receive snowfalls and if you want to walk through the snowy paths then winters are the perfect match for your wishful journey. Though it is a moderate level trekking journey with vast flora and fauna in the mountain regions and the surprising temple dedicated to Duryodhana. You will come across; the Osla Village, Marinda Tal Trekking spot, Taluka village and Ruinsara Tal Trek. The secrecy of the trekking spot will be disclosed as you start your travel from Dehradun towards the Har ki Dun trekking zone.

Snow Leopard Trek

It is an interesting and adventurous wildlife trekking zone at Leh Ladakh. The Hemis National Park pulls in a large number of enthusiastic trekkers towards them every year. The most important and the reason why people flock to Snow Leopard Trek is due to the Snow Leopards and other exotic and endangered species of birds and animals. 

The best time to go on a Snow Leopard Trek is from November till March. The region is filled with wild animals like the Snow Leopard, Blue Sheep, Tibetan Wolves, Eurasian Brown Bears and many more animals. You can feel nature’s miraculous things evolving within you and the essence of seeing wild animals in the Rumbak Valley. One can spot the rare Snow Leopards on their winter trek trip as they come out from their shelters in search of food in the mountains. You will pass through little villages, monasteries and meet the warm-hearted people of the mountains. This will raise your curiosity about the uninhabited regions of Ladakh on your Snow Leopard Trek.

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