What is the right age for speech therapy?

Children’s early years are crucial for their speech and language development. On the other hand, for parents, it becomes complex to keep up with their children to provide them the best facility for adapting to learning. The difference in child’s demand and parents helping their child to develop speech can cause delayed development. While there is no best way to judge a child’s development as they develop skills at their own pace. However, certain milestones need to be acquired by a growing child at a certain age.

In this blog, explore different stages of a child at which they need to develop skills important for speech and language and understand when you need to consult a speech therapy specialist.


Speech and language development are strikingly linked to each other in a form of communication. Communication plays a vital role for a child to connect with their parents and peers. They can recognize the early intervention of delayed speech problems in children with a sign of little or no interaction in their first 3 months. At this stage, the parents must expect their child to make eye contact, and make startle sounds in response to the sound.

Between ages 3 to 12 months, a child begins to babbling or make gestures. If your newborn baby doesn’t respond to you, then it is advisable to consult a speech therapist near me. The sonnet to identify the potential problem the better speech treatment your child can receive.


12-18 MONTHS

When the child is one year older or more, we typically expect them to learn first words. They begin to learn vocabulary and start to say a few words by now. At this age, the child may use significant gestures such as shaking heads or actively engaging with others.

18-24 MONTHS

A two years old child is expected to start expanding their speech skills. They should be learning new words and putting them to use. They don’t form sentences but babble to convey a short message. This happens to increase interaction with people.

Although this is certainly normal behavior for a two years child to mispronounce words till the age of 6 years. If you experience frequent difficulty understanding what they are saying then it may be a sign of a stuttering disorder.

 2 to 4 YEARS

At this age, the child becomes familiar with several words, and parents can significantly notice speaking difficulties in a child. You can recognize the main sign of limited use of vocabulary or not making long sentences. Alternatively, low interactive is another sign you must look for.

The Bottom Line

For new parents, it’s overwhelming to learn about a child’s speech problem. But it is important not to live in complete denial. There are countless reasons for your child experiencing delayed development than usual. This can lead to poor quality of life thus it is important to recognize the early signs and address the potential cause with the right treatment where you can start with consulting with a professional speech therapist.

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