Let’s know about 4 features of the Rock space Wireless device

The Rock space Wireless device is a useful networking device for excluding your home dad zones locations or longer distending areas. By using the Rock space network extending device you simply solve your router’s all problems. This networking device brings the Cross-band technology that is most beneficial for extending the existing router network. This range extender is more beneficial for extending the wireless network up to 7500 square feet networking location areas of your home. In addition, it is connected one time more than Wireless network accessing devices. 

By using the re.rockspace.local address of this device, you can efficiently take the largest frequency network. After searching this login address in this web interface URL. Now, log in to this extender or type its login credentials in this device login interface. Type its login information in this device username or its security password. Now, log in to the Rock space wireless device and go into its setup page by using the web page. Take the 2.4Ghz band network and the 5Ghz band network. Thus, experiences it’s networking settings by applying its dual-band networking frequency technology. 

4 features of the Rock space Wireless device

Using one mobile device, you can efficiently take the Spot Finder Technology of this device. You can use the user manual of this device to obtain where to place range extenders in your home’s optimal appearance. Moreover, this range extender begins with Wi-Fi Audio through systems. You can simply attach a stereo system or speakers to a range extender to instantly stream music from your home intelligent device or computer. Follow the 4 features of the Rock space Wireless device by following the below steps. 

Take the High dual-band frequency coverage: 

It can operate with your home’s existing router that indicates and allows you to acquire a high-frequency network connection. It delivers the dual-band frequency network connection by the obligation to modify router settings. To replace your wireless router’s you are simply going into the settings section of this device. Enter this IP in the web interface of your mobile phone or search this address. Now, your networking device’s IP address is searched on your web interface. 

It simultaneously provides the Dual-Bands frequency band network connection by using the 2.4 band network. Apart from this, the 5 GHz band network provides the fastest and smoother network connection. It diminishes traffic and is also helpful for maximizing internet speed. You can take up to 300Mbps network frequency data transference on each band. To catch a faster network connection of this dual-band device you simply go into the settings section and simply modify the settings of this device. 

Register the Rock space Wireless device to control the Wireless network: 

One of the other features of this device is that you can register this device by using your Rock space app or using the web interface. To go into the settings menu of this device you are simply searching for this Rocksace wireless range extender IP. After this, to go into the rockspace ac1200 setup page search you are firstly logged in to this device. Enter this range extender login admin username or its password. 

Now, log in to this range extender and after completing the login process the setup page of this range extender is displayed automatically on your mobile phone screen. After completing the registration process of this range extender, you have to manage or modify this range extender various settings accordingly. After completing the settings of this device you can save all your modifying settings.

Provides super-fast and stable connection after updating: 

The Rock space Wireless range extender provides a super-fast and smoother network connection by using various technologies. If you want to update this range extender device then you are simply going into the Rock space app and opening it. After opening the app, you simply register your device. After completing the registration process of this range extender, visit the setup menu page by using its app. After this, go into the advanced settings and under the advanced setting. 

You have to choose a network setting and if you use the 5GHz band network or the 2.4Ghz band network then modify it yourself. Apart from this, go into the system update menu under the Rock space range extender settings section and update this device with the latest version. Now, the networking application of your Rock space range extender is to update your Rock space device firmware with the latest version. After updating it, enjoy networking services.

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