How to clean Deep and Hard DIRT from Porcelain Tiles

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Meta Description: Deep and hard dirt from porcelain tiles should not be scraped, nor should be cleaned by acidic cleaners. Use pFOkUS’ tile cleaner instead.

The major benefit of using porcelain tiles for your floors is that you do not have to worry about deep-rooted dirt and stains. The reason for this is the non-permeability of the porcelain tile. Porcelain is not as porous as natural stone tile and hence, no dirt particles can enter into its pores. But, you cannot prevent the hard dirt forming on its surface. Here is a complete guide on how to clean deep and hard dirt from porcelain tiles.

Before we understand how to clean deep and hard dirt from porcelain tiles, let us first understand its characteristics.

Characteristics of Porcelain

  • Porcelain tile does not retain dust or let dust enter its pores as it’s surface is almost non-permeable.
  • It also has a capacity to resist moisture to some extent, thereby preventing maximum mold breeding.
  • These tiles are skid/slip resistant.
  • They have a characteristic of color permanence.
  • Porcelain tiles are more hygienic than any other tiles.

But, in spite of these problems, you may face hard dirt issues on these tiles like rust stains, cement or concrete build-up, and other dense stains that ruin the beauty and the aesthetics of the surface. pFOkUS brings you the best porcelain tile cleaner that can help you remove all kinds of dirt from the surface. You can use this product easily in a Do-It-Yourself way.

Meet Imperia Deep Clean – Best Porcelain Tile Cleaner

Imperia Deep Clean is a profound infiltrating more clean. For non-porous tiles like porcelain, Imperia Deep Clean works as a wonderful powerful-action robust cleaner that helps to remove all kinds of hard dirt from the surfaces. Acidic cleaners cause carving on the tile surface however Imperia Deep Clean is soluble in nature and doesn’t bring on any harm on a superficial level. It is delicate on a superficial level and intense on the stains.

Manufactured by pFOkUS, this deep-action powerful cleaner is developed after years of research in the laboratory. It is science-backed and delivers great results. pFOkUS products can be used for do-it-yourself cleaning projects. They have properly explained the directions of use for every product.

Here is How to Use Imperia Deep Clean on Porcelain Tiles:

  • One can utilize Imperia Deep Clean to eliminate stains, form, buildup and cleanser filth from stone, tile and grout.
  • First, fill the sprayer bottle with the concentrated solution of the porcelain tile cleaner.
  • Then, fill the sprayer bottle with high temp water upto 1 gallon. For profound cleaning showers with hefty form and stains, fill upto ½ gallon as it were. Fill upto 1 gallon, if there are light stains and form. 
  • Fill a second sprayer bottle with hot water. This will be used to neutralize the surface.
  • Adding 8 oz of liquor to the neutralizer will assist with drying the surface quicker. 
  • Spray on all the walls and floor and allow to dry for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Re-apply Imperia and don’t permit it to dry on a superficial level this time.
  • Clean the grout lines and tile in to and fro movement. 
  • Re-apply Imperia on the walls.
  • Then, utilizing the neutralizer, shower start to finish. 
  • Next, retract the shower floor and the corners.
  • Follow a similar interaction for the floor. 
  • And allow to dry before sealing the floor and walls.

This is how you can use Imperia Deep Clean. After use, we always recommend you to seal the tile to prevent re-staining. 

If you feel you cannot use the porcelain tile cleaner yourself, you can always hire professional tile cleaning service from D’Sapone – one of the leading stone, tile, grout, glassrestoration service providers in the US. They have highly trained experts and patented procedures. D’Sapone uses only pFOkUS products to carry out their procedures, while also offering a 5 year labor warranty.

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