Here’s why Brazilian coffee is considered to be so good

Brazilian cofee

You may not know that Brazil is actually named after a tree called Brazil wood, but if you are a fan of coffee then you must be knowing that Brazil is the biggest producer of coffee in the world, the largest consumer and also the biggest exporter. When it comes to coffee, Brazil is actually as big as it possibly gets. No other country rivals Brazil in terms of coffee production, exports or even consumption. Coffee beans grown in Brazil are actually called ‘bean jewels’ and over the past couple of years, they have become the biggest commodity in the world, actually second largest. 

Brazilian coffee is immensely popular because of a wide range of reasons, let’s have a quick look at some of them.

Different Harvesting Methods :- Brazilian coffee is actually different because Brazil actually does things quite differently. In stark opposition to other places, the fruit gets removed from the coffee bean through four major processing methods. In fact, there are actually many farms in Brazil who use all the four different processing methods during a single harvest and this ensures the ‘high-quality’ and variety of Brazilian coffee beans.

Much lower acidity :- Coffee with high acidity levels is never a good thing, it is not good for the health and it is surely not good for the taste buds. But when the coffee is grown in much lower altitudes like in Brazil for example, the coffee tends to have very low levels of acidity. Because of this or a combination of these things, the coffee beans that are produced are very sweet, much rounder and tend to have a great taste. 

Dry Processed :-  Before you go about finding out  how import coffee brazil, you must know that most types of Brazilian coffee is actually dry processed. What this means is that the coffee has been dried from inside the fruit first. This ensures that all of the inherent sweetness of the fruit eventually finds its way into the cup. Further, the dry processing is also “natural”, because some farmers allow the fruit to first dry on the trees and wait till picking them right away. 

Its marketed directly from the farms :- In a massive boost to Brazil’s coffee industry, several years ago, the national government of Brazil went ahead and deregulated its entire coffee industry. What this meant that the larger coffee farm owners in Brazil now had the power to directly market to the countries that wanted their coffee. This meant that the larger coffee farm owners no longer had to worry about any grading structures that would have otherwise been put in place by the government. Because of the governments policies and regulations, the coffee industry in Brazil has really gone from strength to strength, over the past couple of years.

Where is coffee mainly grown in Brazil?

Before you go about figuring out how import coffee brazil you should know the top coffee growing regions in Brazil because that’s where it makes the most sense to source coffee from. This means that you are looking at areas like Mogiana, Sao Paulo, Minas Gerais. It would make sense for you to source coffee produced from such areas because the coffee sourced will definitely be top-tier. Regions like these are known for their rich soil which means that the coffee produced in such regions will surely be the best. The coffee beans of such regions will indisputably be full, sweet and rounded. After this we come to Sui Minas rolling hills, which is the focal point of Brazil’s coffee production.

The Bottom Line

Before you go about figuring out how import coffee brazil, you must know if it is even worth to import coffee from brazil. That’s why in this piece a case has been made for the same so that everyone knows that yes indeed, Brazilian coffee is actually worth every penny that you spend on the same. It is miles ahead of coffee produced in any place on earth. You won’t need to do much to figure out how import coffee brazil because nearly all top Brazilian coffee brands sell their coffee online and all you need to do is to visit their online stores and place your order. You can expect your order to be delivered in your doorstep in some weeks time.

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