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Hampta Pass is a magnificent mountain that stretches from the lush green Kullu Manali valley to the arid landscapes of Spiti. It is located in the renowned town of Manali. The path passes through vastly different landscapes, with many days of hiking including enormous grandeur adorned with deep deodar woods, stunning meadows, and a variety of flowers protruding into the environment. Locals seeking to reach the opposite side of the Spiti valley for commerce or other exchanges, as well as shepherds moving to highland meadows in search of good pastures, chose this path when there was no road built across the Rohtang Pass (13052ft.).

The Hampta Pass trek is different and unique, with lush valleys, glacial lakes, streams, waterfalls, and distant snow patches leading to an arid and desolate valley. The route passes through a valley surrounded by Rocky Mountains and accompanied by a flowing stream that is a tributary of the Beas River and is nourished by many torrents. However, these torrents impede some areas, leaving one with no choice but to pass through the freezing water, exposing one to the actual nature of the Himalayan region.

 The valley narrows as you progress through the tunnel, allowing you the opportunity to gaze back at the flowing valley behind you. There are moments when one must cross multiple icy torrents and rushing streams in order to access large rivers on both sides of the valley. At 4200m, Hampta Pass is a good milestone that may be reached by experienced trekkers or even a novice.

Beauty of Hampta Pass Trek

The Hampta Pass is the entrance to a new universe, one of arid and barren vastness. On this side, the evenings are bitterly cold and the winds are biting, but the scenery and sky are so clean and clear that one forgets about the cold for a time. Observing constellations of stars from such a high altitude is frequently awe-inspiring. Further down the route, the great panorama of the barren Spiti valley with the raging Chandra River flowing tortuously opens itself. When we arrive in Chatru, we will be escorted by our vehicle to Chandratal, the Moon Lake. Visiting Chandratal is always a stress-relieving journey that is rewarded with a breathtaking view of the green lake.

 The lake is crescent-shaped, as the name indicates, and is roughly 3 kilometres wide, lapping between the rusty scree slopes. The lake is intended to be sacred and spiritual, and pilgrims and casual tourists alike circumambulate it. The roads leading there and back are completely off the main path, adding to the region’s isolation. Returning over rusted roads will take many hours to reach the settlement that was abandoned days ago. The lush foliage of the Rohtang Pass will open out, resulting in a total shift of scenery. When you arrive in Manali, it’ll be time to bid farewell and go for your next destination.

Hanging Valley

On the first day of the trip, the beauty of the valley will astonish you. After a short walk through dense mixed woodland from Jobra village, the vista opens out to grassland surrounded by massive granite mountains that play hide and seek with the clouds.

Stream crossing and waterfalls

The stream crossing experience at Hampta Pass is legendary. There are over ten stream crossings, the majority of them are simple and can be completed by hopping over rocks; but, two of them will make you weep since you must cross them barefoot, yeah!! Prepare to experience brain freeze if you cross these glacier streams barefoot in the small hours of the morning.

Wide range of Flowers

Flowers are one of those species on Earth that come in a wide range of colours and shapes. When it comes to blossoming flowers, there is nothing ‘ugly’ about them. Keep your eyes open and pay attention while hiking because you’ll see some of the valley’s most stunning wildflowers. Any colour you can think of has a flower to match it: yellow, blue, orange, red, pink, purple, white. Flowers of all colours were everywhere, and they really made my vacation.

Walking on a snow pass and snow bridge

You may have had previous snowy and snowshoeing adventures, but this one is unique. You can hear the sound of a stream pouring down beneath your feet as you walk directly on top of it, which is coated in a thick coating of snow and ice. If you take one false step, your feet will sink 1 foot into the snow. Other tourists who made the mistake of stepping at the incorrect point have left numerous similar holes on the snow bridge. So be cautious!

Some Yoga Poses at Chandratal Lake

Because of its half-moon form, Chandratal Lake was given that name. Thousands of people visit each year because of the water’s turquoise hue and the surrounding scenery. When visiting Spiti, the Chandratal Lake is a must-see, and what better time to do it than on the Hampta Pass trek?

On the last day of the journey, you begin descending from Sheagoru early in the morning and arrive at Chattru by 11:00 a.m., where you will spend the remainder of your day visiting the Chandratal lake. Allow yourself to go insane here. Take some strange photographs against the bright backdrop, or find a secluded spot and take in the bizarre beauty. Allow the place’s charm to work its spell on you.

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