Guide to building a great portfolio through probate investing

portfolio building

Probate properties are beneficial for both the seller as well as the investor. For those who do not know, probate is a legal process brought into effect due to the death of a person so as to manage his property and pass it on to his heirs. During this process, all debts are paid off, and the remaining value of the estate is handed over to the heirs.

If you are eager to go for probate investing in Arizona, we’d advise you to check the county records, as every county maintains a record of probate properties. It also lists the administrator and the benefactors in each case – thus offering the details to get started on. When you eventually find the properties you’re interested in, try to be sensitive to the people. In fact, this is not a type of deal to be aggressive with. While it’s ok to discuss the benefits of selling the probate property, try to be respectful and do not harass them to score the deal.

How does probate investing in Arizona build portfolio strategy?

  • Probate properties aren’t your typical real estate properties. Hence, you would have to learn how probate deals work to actually make profits from it. Once you dive deep into probate properties, you’d know how to deal with unforeseen probate issues like when unknown heirs lay claim to the estate. Once you’ve figured out these problems, you’d be able to build a solid funnel of leads.
  • While modern medication and various medical treatments have prolonged the life of people, individuals often do not update their homes – more so when they’re growing old or relying on a fixed income source. Thus when the person passes away, the old property cannot compete with smart homes or other luxurious properties and eco-friendly homes. When these unsuitable properties pass on to the heirs, they may not like the idea of owning additional real estate and bearing its burgeoning cost of upkeep. This might be your opportunity to buy the estate cheap and flip it.
  • Believe it or not but the best time to look for probate properties is when you are the busiest. Sounds confusing? Well, according to real estate experts, when it comes to probate properties the time from the death to the property eventually hitting the market is quite long. Thus, if you want to know about new probate properties, you’d have to make your move while you already have current projects underway. Negotiating a probate deal in advance helps you secure the property, make changes to it in the months when business is down, and put it back on the market when things look promising.
  • Another notable benefit of probate investing in Arizona is the visibility that you stand to gain as there might be other property owners who too would want to offload unwanted properties and might reach out to you for help. In fact, by simply putting up a sign on the front yard of a property, you can relay your message to the neighborhood. This way, people would know that you buy properties ‘as is’ thus relieving many of the hassles of having to deal with an extra property.

Benefits of probate investing in Arizona

  • Most of the probate properties do not have a lien, thus there’s no mortgage to be paid off. While it’s true that sometimes a probate deal takes too much time to materialize, if the heir is willing, you may even lay hands on it quickly.
  • Probate estates often sell below the market value. This is chiefly because the seller may not want to handle the hassles of cleaning the property or making the needed repairs. They thus end up quoting a lower price to reduce their burden.
  • Probate properties are generally old, and thus, if you plan on making a robust profit on it, you can make all necessary changes and sell it at a slight premium, or bring about notable changes to the property, bringing it up to market standards, to reap maximum profit.
  • Finding real estate properties for cheap and making a healthy profit on them is quite challenging. Probate properties generally have less competition and thus are great for people who are probably new to the real estate industry and yet look to start on a positive note.

Key takeaway

Are you looking to build a notable portfolio? Invest in probate properties and make significant profits. It is a great way of finding new investment opportunities. To get genuine probate leads you can check out some of the notable real estate platforms dealing in probate properties. Happy hunting!

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