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Mumbai, as people say the city of dreams, gets quite suffocating sometimes, owing to the immoderate crowd and pollution. With galling traffic and untold people on the streets, the heart just wishes for a short escape to a more serene place. You can hardly even see stars in the sky when you look up in the city. However, a camping trip full of fun near Mumbai is just what you need to revitalize from the tiring city bustle. Fortunately, Mumbai is just hours away from the Sahyadri range so you can always drive down to feel the quietude of nature. A camping trip with bonfires and stargazing sounds totally perfect for a weekend getaway near the city. Hence, I am gonna list out some of the best camping sites and places near Mumbai. You can pack your trekking bags to go for a night camping trip near Mumbai. Further, you can also indulge in some stargazing near Mumbai because there are many camping sites! Here are our top 5 camping sites near Mumbai.

1. Pawna Lake

Pawna Lake Camping coordinates lakeside camping backwards of Pawna Dam which is close to Lonavala. The campground has a very nice exquisite perspective on the lake that is scheduled inside the midst of the enveloping Sahyadris. It is one of the most renowned destinations in Maharashtra and tourists across the country visit the place to enjoy the beauty. Adventure enthusiasts love spending the night under the shimmering and sparkly sky there. If anyone is thinking about adventure then Pawna Lake camping should come to their mind first. The lake serves as the perfect getaway from the busy city and those who visit the place can engage themselves in various activities like visiting the nearby places of the lake, enjoying the sunset and canoeing in the lake.

2. Igatpuri Camp

Covered up by the Western Ghats, Igatpuri is a lovely place near Mumbai for camping. For a perfect weekend getaway from the city, you can check out Igatpuri for stargazing and camping near Mumbai. But there are many other camping sites as well, located near the lake in Igatpuri that is ideal for your camping and stargazing experience near Mumbai. You can pack your food or book meals as stalls are also available there in the vicinity. A beautiful yet calm sunset followed by a night of stargazing is guaranteed as you sojourn Igatpuri for camping. This camp is one of the best places near Mumbai for camping and stargazing.

3. Kundalika Rafting Camp

Most people consider the Kundalika rafting camp to be one of the best in Maharashtra. Just a few hours’ drivdrivesm Mumbai would take you to one of the best places to camp and stargaze near Mumbai. It is a hotspot for adventure enthusiasts and camping addicts. The location is enthralling with trees and greenery on all sides. Not to mention how you can hear the Kundalika river flow in the background because you enjoy stargazing with a bonfire and some barbecue. The experience is very exciting for those who wish to escape from their tumultuous lives in the city. You would have a wonderful time camping and stargazing near Mumbai.

4. Panchgani Camping and Stargazing

Panchgani is an amazing place to visit for camping near Mumbai. It is better known for being surrounded by five hills. In the midst, there is a lovely hamlet of the Sahyadri ranges. It is the perfect place for a nice camping session. You can either carry your tents or you can rent a tent at the summit for stargazing. Many tours take place in Panchgani for bonfires and stargazing. The check-in time starts at midnight for stargazing and camping in Panchgani. You should carry your sweaters because it gets super cold at the hill station. It is one of the popular camping sites near Mumbai that one would enjoy.

5. Harishchandragad Trek and Camping

The next camping celebration near Mumbai is Harishchandragad in Malshej Ghat. The charming apex fixed in Malshej Ghat is one of the cold areas for camping near Mumbai. You can trek up to the top of Harishchandragad along with your friends and set up your tents. There is a particular spot where you can chain up your tents along with the others for a joy camping trip near Mumbai. The camping place ignores the ravine which makes for a wonderful view. You can turn your cameras out and start clicking images as you enjoy a nice barbecue round. Plus, you can also strike up dialogues with visitors in neighbourhood camps.

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