Do you need to increase your sales? Apply Boost Marketing!

Do you know the details of boost marketing and how it can support you to increase your sales?

Invest only 4 minutes in this reading so that you know details about what it is and how to apply the boost marketing methodology. This will lead you to double sales and position the business branding consulting in the minds of your customers.

Sounds good right?

IMPORTANT NOTE: I have to warn you that this is a methodology tested by ourselves and therefore we advise it. Like any method, it requires work on your part. As you know, you have to “run away” from the last recipe, the last miracle, or the very last opportunity that gives you everything without you doing anything. All those mirages end up being mirages.

When we think of marketing strategies that involve content creators, we most likely think of influencer marketing or affiliate marketing first.

But… did you know that there is another interesting option?

Amplification marketing or boost marketing is the new promotion methodology with content creators, which fills the gaps that other strategies leave to companies.


  • What is Boost Marketing?
  • Phases of the Boost Marketing methodology
  • Boost marketing versus other digital marketing strategies
  • To close, a preview of the marketing of the future

Let’s take a closer look at what this new marketing strategy is all about. And for this, pay attention to its 6 phases that I will explain later:

And now, let’s go to the content points.

What is Boost Marketing?

Boost marketing is a digital marketing methodology created in 2020 by Jorge Urios – CEO of SaaS Filiatly – that helps build and grow a community of content creators.

With this, it is possible to amplify the message of the companies and reach in a closer way to an audience “oversaturated” of information.

Compared to other digital marketing strategies, the Boost Marketing methodology is on its way to position itself as one of the most used, both by SMEs and large companies.

In particular, in those companies that seek to create brand recognition, retain their clientele and, of course, increase their sales.

It is a digital marketing methodology focused on creating communities of content creators in order for them to amplify the message of each company in front of their audiences.

“This methodology is born from the power of recommendations and word of mouth when generating sales. “

People increasingly trust what their favorite content creators tell them about the products and/or services they use …

And those recommendations influence your purchasing decisions.

Just think about the number of times you have decided to buy a certain item because a trusted person has recommended it to you.

Or when that person you follow on Instagram and who creates the posts that you like so much, is recommending a new product.

At that point, you think, “I’ve just been looking for something like this.”

Content creators = Community for companies

In amplification marketing, the foundation of it all is the trust that users place in the content creators that consume the most in their digital environments.

From there, companies create communities of content creators with audiences related to the target audience they want to target.

The members of these communities are chosen exclusively by the companies according to criteria such as the following:

  • His objectives.
  • Your brand identity.
  • Your values.

The channels in which you want to generate better results.

In this way, the brand creates a community of Instagrammers, YouTubers, bloggers, tiktokers, and more, who represent the values ​​and identity of the company in front of its “target” audience.

Content creators don’t just help businesses get more exposure overall.

The real advantage is that leads reached through content creators are more qualified and more likely to become customers for life.

These creators then become the company’s speakers in front of their own audience.

“By reaching a much more specific audience and, more importantly, genuinely interested in the content, the brand increases its sales and gains “positioning”.

Phases of the Boost Marketing methodology

To successfully apply this methodology in your company, you must know the 6 phases that make up the Boost Marketing cycle of actions.

The phases are sequential as you can see in the following methodology:

Each of the 6 phases focuses on creating a community of content creators that will amplify the reach of the company.

Let’s see what each phase consists of:

  1. Define the strategy, objectives, and digital communication channels that the company wishes to strengthen.
  2. Identify content creators who will become part of the company’s private amp community. These should reflect the identity and values ​​of the brand in front of its audience.
  3. Agree on the parameters of the collaboration, which – according to this methodology – should imply a mutual benefit. They help both the creator and the company itself, by creating successful relationships.
  4. Create and publish promotional content that will be shared with the audience. This phase falls entirely on the content creators. It is important that they stay true to your style so that the audience receives promoted content with confidence and credibility.
  5. Amplify the content that has obtained the best results, through promotional tools that lead to the publication to a segmented audience. This is the most important phase of this methodology, as it reaches new audiences in a more natural way.
  6. Thank and acknowledge the work of the content creator for the brand, in order to strengthen the relationship between the company and the creator. In this way, a community of content creators is created that allows establishing collaboration links in the medium and long term.

Now, a question that you will be asking yourself is the following:

How is boost marketing different from other digital marketing strategies?

Let’s look at some details to answer this important question.

Boost marketing versus other digital marketing strategies

Boost Marketing proposes a different approach than other types of strategies such as influencer marketing and affiliate marketing.

Not only is boost marketing a different concept from the classic influencer marketing, based on going deeper into relationships and therefore contact, but it goes further.

In particular, the methodology is that, a method. It is not a theory, it is not dynamic, it is not a technique. It is a method. As a method, it has its steps and tools to use, where the Filiatly software stands out to make our work easier.

In the image below you can see some differences with the classic Influencer marketing.

In the same way, the methodology brings us closer to the world of affiliation as a basic transactional method to establish a lasting relationship.

In order not to confuse you, we think that a strategy of influencers and paying for them for collaboration is not congruent, but for results. Only in this way, the relationship is authentic and that is noticeable in the results. Thus, the boost marketing methodology applies its own rules regarding affiliate dynamics as you can see in the following image:

Key Differences Of Amplification Marketing With Conventional Digital Marketing Strategies

To summarize what has been seen, let’s look at some key points that differentiate amplification marketing from other digital marketing strategies:

  • Boost Marketing seeks to create communities of content creators that act as loudspeakers to amplify the company’s message, identity, and values.
  • Unlike affiliate marketing, in the Boost Marketing methodology, it is the company that invites content creators to be part of its private community.
  • It does not focus on amplifying through large audiences, but through quality audiences, engaged and interested in what their favorite creators have to share.
  • Build long-term, results-based relationships, in contrast to the short-lived collaborations seen in influencer marketing.
  • Content creators who are part of the private community of companies generate quality publications that the brand can reuse and publish through the rest of its digital channels.
  • Detailed, real-time tracking of the results of each content creator can be kept with tools like Filiatly. The difficulty of doing this monitoring is one of the main obstacles when working with influencers and affiliates.

And to close, a preview of the marketing of the future

At the beginning, we mentioned how audiences are overloaded with information.

And it is that thousands of ads, publications, and pieces of content arrive, with which brands compete for people’s attention.

It is a key point when thinking about digital marketing, right?

This has led us – the users – to be very selective when it comes to consuming content on social networks.

And in this filter, we bypass a lot of ad posts, sticking with the ones we really connect with.

That is why brands and companies are constantly looking for new ways to reach their target audience in a natural, credible, and authentic way.

This is where the Boost Marketing methodology plays a fundamental role!

“Thanks to its contrast with the marketing methodologies that have been in the market longer, every day new companies are adopting the Boost Marketing methodology.”

They are applying it as part of their growth strategies in digital channels, to improve their reputation, credibility and increase their sales.

Without a doubt, it is an advance to the marketing strategies of the future. Because it will take a closer approach to their audiences and they will turn content creators into key collaborators in the medium and long term.

All this should also lead us to a key practice: “be attentive to innovative marketing strategies”.

And remember, the Boost Marketing methodology is born from the power of recommendations and word of mouth when generating sales, so you should consider applying it now.

Thanks for reading us.

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