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Himachal Pradesh is born with the most praisable beauty to offer stunning to the tourists. The entire Himachal Pradesh is nestled with a rich amount of flora and fauna. It is providing the best treks all over India. It is bagging the rich culture and the tallest treks. The beauty of treks is attracting all the national and international tourists around the world. Himachal Pradesh is the capital for trekking. The activities held here are the best and top list engaging activities which provide the best experiences to all. 

You can glance over the three surprising mountain ranges of Dhauladhar, Pir Panjal, and the Himalayas.Himachal Pradesh is expliciting its beauty with the combination of the plantations like forest of pine, deodar, birch, silver oak, and many varieties of plantations. To add more Beauty to the Himachal Pradesh rivers like Beas, Chenab, Ravi, Satluj, and Yamuna etc taking part. It is indeed an awesome experience to trek there. Himachal Pradesh is a place with a wide variety of trekking places bagging many attractive places to behold.

The Hampta Pass Trek

The Himachal Pradesh which is bagging the Hampta Pass peak stands at 14000 meters. We can have a look over the valley Kullu which is settled on one side of Hampta pass nestled with forests, grasslands and flowers blossoming. Other side a glance of parched, hardly vegetable, and stony Lahaul terrain. At the peak region of Hampta pass we can glance over two beautiful world’s. Within a couple of minutes we can glance at two beautiful world’s simultaneously. For hikers,it is somehow fearful to narrate. The walking here increases the enthusiasm level by level and shows us the pass which is many steps ahead. The Hampta pass trek has the level of difficulty as easy to moderate in  which the beginners can choose it as a perfect one. Hampta pass trek requires nearly 4 years to trek out completely. Hampta pass requires 5 days of trekking completely.

Deo Tibba Base Camp Trek

Deo Tibba is another best trekking spot which is provided by Himachal Pradesh. To reach Deo Tibba Base Camp trek, we have to head to Manali first either by air,road transportation modes. The Manali airport is well connected with all international airports. From Manali we have to plan for a drive straight to Khatnol village which is the starting part of the trekking spot. You can get immediate buses from one another which arrives you to  the trekking spot.You can be provided the chance to glance at the mesmerising views of Deo Tibba (6,001m), Indrasan Peak (6,220m) and Indrakila Peak (4,940m) along with the glaciers of Jagatsukh and mini Chandratal lake. This is one of the Top five treks in Himachal Pradesh. Deo Tibba is bagging an abundant range of flora and fauna. Nestled with herbs which are providing medicine values that can cure fever, stomach ache, and even stinky feet. The level of difficulty is moderate and benefits the beginner level trekkers to enjoy it. The ever beautiful, scenic views are bestowed which are to behold.

Buran Ghati Trek

Buran Ghati is an 15,000 feet trek of which is pinned in the Himachal Pradesh. It sure needs lots of visits by the tourists and trekkers as the beauty and weather conditions are providing it’s all to offer thrilling experiences to them. To reach Buran Ghati ,you have to opt for Chandigarh airport, railway station or buses . From there you can find taxis,cabs,and buses which arrive there at the trekking spot. The starting spot of trekking is Janglik and the last spot is Brua village.As this was a newly found trek region, attractions are so worthy and deserves a large amount of visits . The comparison is out of bound with the beauty of huge-sized mountains and lush greenery meadows covered at the ends of pine trees. There is nothing in your life to feel like you missed. Buran Ghati offers everything in nature, like vast beauty of meadows Dayara Bugyal and waterfalls at Chandrabhan. In addition while trekking over it we got a chance to pass through 

Dhunda and snow wall at Buran Pass. It is considered to be one of the picture-perfect hikes in Himachal Pradesh. The level of difficulty is moderate. The Buran Ghati trek campaign period is 8 days.

Pin Parvati Pass Trek

Pin Parvati pass trek is considered to be one of the most challenging 17,380 feet treks in Himachal Pradesh. The level of difficulty is difficult and challenging. To reach Pin Parvati Village,we have to head to Manali from there. We have several buses which arrive you there.You are sure of having surprises at your every turn during trekking the Pin Parvati pass trek. You would be witnessed by glancing over the disappeared road lines by the wild flowered plants, shrubs. And the attracting parvati river in its curving path equally challenges its other sided deserted mountain ranges which explicits the barrenness of Spirits. The path of 78 KM of Pin Parvati pass with restless foot introduces the transverse between two traditional cultures of Hinduism and Buddhism is an unbounding attraction. Pin parvati pass trek was not only mentioned to be challenging but also a beautiful trek. It consumes an overall trekking period of 12 days.

Friendship Peak Trek

Friendship peak is one of the Trek  among top five treks in Himachal Pradesh. The friendship peak trek, which is pinned in the Himachal Pradesh is allowing its tourists from the Manali. We can choose any mode of transportation to reach Manali. From there we can have taxis,cabs,buses etc which helps you to reach the starting point of Trek spot.Your plan to visit here benefits you of craving a view of most three beautiful mountain ranges simultaneously.The Himalayas, Pir Panjal and the Dhauladhar Range of Himachal Pradesh all can have a glance from the friendship peak. It is featured with an altitude of 17,352 feet,which doesn’t require any  knowledge regarding trekking or experiences. But you need to be physically fit and have good stamina. The overall trekking period it consumes is 8 days. During this period you’ll be introduced to snow falls and the highest peaks such as Hanuman Tibba, Shitidhar, Indra Asan and Deo Tibba. The overall exploration cures and avoids the empty feel regarding nature.

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