A Complete Guide for Choosing the Best Rubber Flooring

rubber flooring

When it comes to choosing flooring options the rubber material has earned quite a name for its extreme versatility, durability and other benefits. The overall performance of rubber flooring options is impressive.

Rubber flooring is common in gymnasiums, playground areas and other commercial or residential settings. Aside from offering extreme functionality, it also offers a wide range of options to choose from, for instance, rubber tiles, mats and more.

If you are overwhelmed with the different rubber flooring options available and want your hands on the best rubber flooring then here’s a quick guide that could help you out. Continue to read till the end to learn how you can choose the best rubber flooring option.

Different Types of Rubber Flooring

When planning to install rubber material flooring make sure to assess all of the options that you get for rubber flooring surfaces. Explore the options and choose the best one that meets your requirements and preference.

Rubber Floor Mats

Rubber mats flooring are typically for gym or yoga areas where specific postures and workout regime is performed. These are super easy to install and can be easily replaced to another area.

Rubber mats can be rolled and placed on any type of concrete or hard surface. They are used to add an extra layer of cushioning and thickness to the surface in order to provide comfort, ease and flexibility while performing activities.

They are available in different colors and sizes along with varying thickness. Thickness of rubber mats depends on the activity you would be performing. For home workouts or yoga activity, thinner mats are preferred and for intense workout a much thicker rubber mat is chosen.

Rubber Floor Tiles

Rubber tiles might be the most popular flooring option. They are used for both commercial and residential settings. Rubber tiles with their interlocking edges makes everything convenient.

They offer a smooth finish when properly installed and resist slips or falls. The interlocking mechanism of rubber tiles allows them to be installed easily with no requirement for adhesives.

If any of the rubber tile pieces is damaged then there is no need for replacing the entire flooring instead just replace the damaged tile with a new one. Available in varying thickness, colors and sizes, customers can set up preferred themes for flooring.

Aside from mats and tiles, other flooring options that are readily available are rubber rolls, rubber mulch and more. Consult with an expert to learn more about different types of rubber flooring options.

Thickness for Rubber Flooring

In order to pick the right rubber flooring, you are not only required to explore the flooring options available but also consider the thickness of the product. The thickness should be determined according to the intended use of the product.

For interior flooring, the thickness for rubber made products could be thinner since they aren’t exposed to the harsh outdoor weather conditions. The interior rubber flooring thickness typically ranges from ¼”- ½”.

Exterior flooring requires it to be thicker for resisting the weather conditions. The outdoor rubber flooring should be at least an inch thick.

The thickness of the product also influences the price range of rubber flooring options. The thicker product you choose, the more expensive the product gets.

Surface Options for Rubber Flooring

You get to pick surface options for rubber flooring such as texture and finish of the product. The texture of rubber flooring options can vary which adds more depth and character to the surface.

Some common textures that are found for rubber flooring are diamond-plate, rivets, studs, dimples, etc. Smooth, flat or plain textured rubber flooring is also available; however, they are avoided as they can lead to more slips and falls.

You generally get two finish options for rubber flooring – either a matte subtle finish or polished finish achieved with the use of water-soluble emulsion wax.

Make sure to consider all of the points enumerated above for choosing the best rubber flooring option.

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