10 tips for generating leads in summer

Summer is far from being the desert of leads that one might think. On the contrary! Tell yourself that, like you, there are many prospects who have stayed in the office – and who are much more available now than during the rest of the year.

Like you, they no doubt take advantage of this transitional period to wrap up important issues and ask themselves good questions to start afresh: strategy, tools… They finally have time to focus on something other than their current affairs.

Take advantage of this availability to generate leads! In this article, we give you 10 tips that we apply every summer to stay up to date and enrich our contact base.

1. Reactivate old leads

1.1 On the marketer side

The nurturing implemented throughout the year can bear fruit in summer or peak periods. This is the time to pamper your prospects in the base, already acquired.

  • For example, you can set up an email scenario (or workflow) to reactivate old leads: identify which contacts have not returned to your site or blog for some time and offer them a selection of your content in accordance with their current concerns.
  • Depending on their issues, you can offer them premium content to help them in their summer reflections: a practical kit to get organized, a white paper, a webinar, etc.

1.2 Commercial side

Your marketing actions can – and should – be carried by your salespeople, who can also benefit from this season. Every month, at Plaza, our SDRs (Sales Development Representatives) call back old leads that have been closed: in summer, it’s an opportunity to do so more than usual.

By reactivating old closed leads, you may have good surprises: by gauging their new needs, your old prospects may become new customers. These closed leads can integrate one of your nurturing loops, or, in the best case, start their buying journey.

2. Connect with your prospects on LinkedIn

Thanks to a tool like Drop contact, it is now possible to retrieve the LinkedIn profile of your leads. All you need to do is enter the name, first name and email address of your contact, and the tool will automatically find the profile associated with your search.

All you have to do is resort to Phantom Buster, another data extraction tool that we warmly recommend. It will add these contacts to the social network, and you can even – if you wish – personalize this new contact through a targeted message sent with the addition request.

But beware, adding a contact is not enough: you have every interest in being active on the social network where your prospect is located, because the real added value of this process is the place you will occupy in his mind once he can. Follow your news. Indeed, if you have programmed – and perhaps even automated, with Plaza for example, publications on LinkedIn, he will see your posts and content. In this way, you enrich your network all summer and you stay present in its reflection. 

– That was the advice of the Growth Hacker, by Benoist. 

3. Take stock of your content thanks to marketing reporting

In the summer, as the pressure of daily business diminishes, you can gain height. By examining all of your content, using a marketing automation tool (like Plaza for example), you can see if certain phases of your acquisition tunnel require more content. In this sense, your marketing reporting should help you see things more clearly. 

Ask yourself:

  • What are the contents that generate more leads? The least efficient? Do you know why?
  • Where in your acquisition funnel do your prospects spend the most time? Why?
  • What are your most successful acquisition channels? How could you improve its performance?

At, the tool allows us to identify very quickly what content would be needed to send more contacts with each sending of our Smart Campaign. We can then adjust our editorial calendar to make sure there is no hole in the racket.

For salespeople, this is also the time to ask questions: 

  • Are their arguments still as effective?
  • What content could they use to strengthen their arguments?
  • What content do they need, and are these requests being passed on to marketing?

4. Solicit referrals from your current customers

Now is the time to reach out to your existing customers. Satisfied customers are the best advertisement ever, especially to their peers. If you don’t yet have a process to facilitate referrals to their network, now is the time to think about it!

This approach can be translated in two different ways:

  • We take advantage of the quieter times at to contact our clients in order to write documented cases with them. Less in the rush for the rest of the year, they are excited to lend themselves to the exercise and we are still learning valuable lessons.
  • If you do not have to time or of resources to devote to a client, you can simply take their news: their needs have changed? What are their concerns at the moment? Do they need specific content? You have time to pay them even more attention: take advantage of it! There is a lot to be gained from each other.

5. Play on seasonality

Even if you recycle your content, we will never stop encouraging you to create it! And what could be better than adjusting this new content to the needs of the period? And for good reason: in summer or in off-peak periods, the issues may be different from the rest of the year. So adapt your editorial schedule accordingly. Time can be, for example, more conducive to content with high added value, requiring more reading time… 

By following this advice, you will reactivate some sleepy leads or move your prospects forward in their thinking.

At, we like to promote our content supporting marketers in questioning their marketing strategy. Development of a marketing plan, budget review, go back to the editorial calendar…

We are highlighting our practical kits on these subjects, our white paper dedicated to the marketing plan or the case of Ide lab, one of our clients having reviewed its entire strategy with Plaza and divided the length of its sales cycle by two. Moreover, the article you have in front of you is a good example too!

6. Offer more fun content formats

6.1 The challenges

Summer is conducive to long-term projects that are often overlooked: making a particular channel profitable, redesigning a blog, or whatever. 

With this in mind, a fun way to support your prospects in one of these projects would be to create a free challenge over several days. For example, you could create the “Challenge: Recast a blog in 10 days” and follow the 1 day = 1 task model. 

To have access to these steps, the prospect should enter their contact details in the form of your landing page. So, you have captured it, and can now feed it with content for 10 days, bring it value and create a relationship of trust with it.

6.2 Questionnaires

You can also set up questionnaires or surveys around B2B marketing actions or in connection with the sector concerned by the targeted prospects. Like the emblematic quizzes of women’s magazines, the results would give prospects their typical profile: “Do you have a maximum of ‘B’? You are such a type of marketer!

This process makes perfect sense if you end with a Call to Action to offer your prospect the opportunity to make an appointment, request a demo of your product or services, or even request a quote. Again, this opportunity can be pushed depending on the outcome: “Wow, your strategy impresses us! How about telling us more during an exchange? or conversely “If you feel lost, why not organize a meeting with our experts?” The result is the same, you extend your hand to him; but the first address flatters his ego, while the second creates urgency and thus encourages him to ask for help.

6.3 Other lighter content

In short, you will understand: its summer, the time has come to offer lighter content. 

If you’re running a webinar, for example, you can create short teasing videos; and when finished, snippets of the replay, which redirect to the entire webinar.

Summer is also the time to prepare for the start of the school year in September. You can now work on the editorial planning and plan the release of inspiring articles related to back- to- school trends such as “Top back-to-school trends”.

7. Make a summer selection of your content

Take advantage of the summer season to get the most out of your content! Determine what content needs to be re-promoted for the summer, and then schedule it. 

Be careful, before distributing your selection of content, assess the segments of your audience that need and most demand this content. Then go wild: amplify, distribute, and re-promote your existing content. 

To do this, nothing could be simpler than creating an email campaign with the subject line “Here is our selection of eBooks to read on your vacation trip” or “Our selection of articles to read if you are alone at the office”. 

Paul-Louis, Marketing Acquisition manager at, tested this technique in his old company and reports that it works wonderfully well!

8. Optimize your landing pages and forms 

It is always advisable to look into converting the website of bulk rice importers. Find a moment to review your landing pages and forms, because they are the essential tools of lead generation. How do they perform? What can you do about it?

  • Using your marketing automation tool, identify the pages that attract the most visitors and insert a Call to Action to the most relevant content. For example, if one of your blog posts details one of your features, it would be interesting to add a call-to-action for a demo or contact request! 
  • Optimize the key conversion pages, namely the landing pages where you suggest in particular the request for a demo or a quote.  
  • Optimize the forms already present on your site. At Plaza, we make sure to answer the following question: do we collect data from our prospects intelligently? To find out how to find the balance that will lead your form to collect the right data at the right time without asking too much information from your prospect, we invite you to read our article on progressive profiling.

9. Gain visibility by positioning yourself on specialized media

There is a strategic relationship between a specialized communication medium and a product market. For example, is a media specializing in sports, so a brand that seeks to reach a target of aspiring athletes would have every interest in opting for a visibility campaign with this media? To distribute a content or an advertisement, the latter is paid – however the remuneration models are brought to vary.

Good news: during slack periods, the price of highlights in these specialized media and insertions in the newsletter drops significantly. At the same time, visitors take more time to read and learn. It is therefore a good way to generate leads while lowering costs. It would be a shame to miss out on this opportunity to gain visibility!

10. Maintain or even strengthen your advertising strategy!

In general, paid offers less competition in off-peak periods. Logically, this means more space for you as well as lower acquisition costs on advertising space such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and Pinterest Ads.

How is it possible? Some companies put their campaigns on hiatus during the summer because, according to them, there are only a few opportunities to be seized during this season… Terrible mistake!

In 2020, LinkedIn is carrying out an analysis of sponsored campaigns on their platform in July and August 2019, compared to campaigns for May and June 2019. It appears that the click-through rate has fallen only slightly (1.7%).). On the other hand,

  • the average cost per click (CPC) decreased by 12.9%;
  • the cost of printing (CPM) has fallen by the same amount;
  • The cost per lead (CPL) decreases by 21%.

Ultimately, advertisers pay much less for a click-through rate that is just as high or almost, depending on the sector.

We can say it: for companies that have chosen to put their advertising strategy in brackets, it is the bad idea of the year. But for you, the planets align. With the same budget, you can now do a lot more in terms of advertising!

Contrary to popular belief, summer is far from a dead period for generating leads. You are aligned with your customers and prospects, asking yourself questions about how to best tackle back to school. It is therefore the ideal moment to make each content a privileged moment of exchange

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